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Sharifa Whitney James - LGBT+ Ageing

Sharifa Whitney James - LGBT+ Ageing

August 10, 2018


Getting old is hard enough, but for LGBT+ people ageing comes with additional terrors of facing discrimination from people you have to rely upon for support. Bristol Ageing Better has appointed Sharifa Whitney James as their development worker for the LGBT+ community. In this interview she tells Cheryl what her job entails, and what she thinks she can do for Bristol's LGBT+ community. You can find out more about her role from the BAB website.

Cheryl and Sharifa also talked about Bristol's BME LGBT+ community who recently celebrated their first ever black pride event. You can find out more from the Kiki Bristol Facebook page. And there was mention of this event coming up soon at the Arnolofini featuring the legendary Travis Alabanza.

Helen from Avon Fire and Rescue

Helen from Avon Fire and Rescue

August 3, 2018

New recruits graduation

The good people at Avon Fire & Rescue have been making an effort to recruit staff from a range of backgrounds. In this interview, new recruit Helen tells Cheryl what it took to be selected as a trainee. Helen is a single mother with two daughters, which is a long way from the traditional image of a firefighter. She joined as part of the Yes You Can campaign.

We can't include the music played with the interview due to copyright restrictions, but here are the two songs via YouTube.

This interview was originally broadcast on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.


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